As spring dawns, Royal Landscape Nursery proudly showcases an array of springtime favorites now available for our garden enthusiasts. This season, we highlight a collection of plants renowned for their vibrant colors and lush foliage, perfect for revitalizing any Florida garden.


Hibiscus: Come see our selection of Hibiscus, with their large, creamy petals that can bring a tropical feel to your outdoor space.


Shrimp Plant: Looking to add a pop of fiery red to your beds? Our Shrimp Plants are just the ticket with their unique bracts that resemble shrimp.


Blue Plumbago: For a touch of tranquility, the soft blue blooms of our Blue Plumbago are a sublime choice, promising to transform your garden into a serene retreat.


Firecracker Plant: Ignite your landscape with the red spikes of the Firecracker Plant, an instant eye-catcher and conversation starter.


Tibouchina: Add a dash of royal purple with the Tibouchina, whose lush blooms add a noble touch to any setting.


Bush Daisy: Brighten up a sunny spot with the cheerful yellow flowers of the Bush Daisy, a delightful burst of sunshine for your garden.


Bougainvillea: For a dramatic effect, the cascading colors of our Bougainvillea will create a spectacular display, draping your garden in rich, vivid hues.


Alongside these featured plants, we continue to offer top-quality fresh-cut sod daily, catering to all your landscape foundations. Available by the piece, half pallet, or full pallet, Royal Landscape Nursery is equipped to handle your project's needs with the utmost convenience.


This spring, we invite you to refresh your landscape with the season's best. Visit us to explore our full collection and bring home the blossoms that will make your garden truly special.

For more details on our plant availability or to place an order, give us a call at (407) 296-3042. Let the experts at Royal Landscape Nursery help you start your spring garden with the finest plants in Orlando.

Visit us today at our nursery, or call (407) 296-3042 for more information on our spring selections and services. Here's to a season filled with growth, beauty, and vibrant landscapes!