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Topiaries and trees at our nursery in Gotha, FL.

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Trees & Palms Serving Orlando, Winter Park, Windermere, Clermont, Winter Garden, & Central Florida

You can find a large selection of trees and palms of all sizes for pickup or delivery from our Orlando area nursery.

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We offer a variety of trees and palms in central Florida including Orlando, The Villages, & nearby areas.

We house many gorgeous trees and palms in a variety of sizes for pickup or delivery from our nursery in the Orlando area.

Topiaries and trees at the Royal Landscape Nursery nursery in Gotha, FL.

Our facility contains many choices for residential and commercial clients looking to beautify their properties. We have a large selection of trees and palms available for pickup or delivery (fees apply). We also provide commercial delivery and installation.

Many selections are on display at our nursery in the Orlando region, with some towering over 20 feet in height. We offer service to a large portion of Central FL, including Orlando, The Villages, Clermont, and the nearby communities.

Tree Selection Includes Ligustrum, Tabebuias, & Many More

Residents are not stuck with the trees that are currently on their properties. We offer a large selection for planting, all grown to a healthy height and ready for purchase.

Our selection includes:

  • Ligustrum - Often used as a shrub or hedge. Can grow 8-12 feet tall and considerably wider. Features curved multiple trunks and dark green canopy. Creates an interesting architectural focus.
  • Tabebuias - Highly ornamental tree grows between 20 and 30 feet. Varieties flower in pink, lavender-pink, and golden yellow. Great single specimen trees for medium-sized yards. Pretty accents in larger properties.
  • Crepe Myrtle - Ornamental shrub or small tree with beautiful blooms. Can be as small as 1 foot or grow as high as 100 feet!
  • Oak - Grows well in Southern climates and are great shade trees. Named America's National Tree in 2004 & found in most U.S planting zones.
  • Magnolia - Flowering plants featuring blossoms in white, pink, red, purple, or yellow. Diverse in leaf shape and plant form. Include both evergreen and deciduous sorts.

Fruit Tree Selection Includes Mango, Avocado, & a Variety of Citrus Like Orange & Lemon

Some customers enjoy growing fruit trees and enjoy what they yield. They are a beautiful and useful addition to properties throughout central Florida.

Our selection can vary, so please call for availability, but it includes:

  • Mango
  • Avocado
  • Grapefruit
  • Orange
  • Tangerine
  • Lime
  • Lemon

The central Florida sandy soil and subtropical climate are ideal for growing citrus—in fact, Polk County is the top citrus producer in the state, according to the Florida Department of Citrus.

Our Popular Florida Palm Tree Selection Includes Sylvester, Fox Tail, Areca, & Many More!

Palm trees at the Royal Landscape Nursery nursery in Gotha, FL.

Palms offer a towering, majestic look that has become synonymous with the Sunshine State, serving as a reminder that we really do live in paradise. Palm trees are our most popular seller, with many pickups and deliveries year-round. 

Our palm tree selection includes:

  • Sylvester - Silvery branches create a circular canopy with thick trunks
  • Foxtail - single, double and triple
  • Robellini - Also called pygmy date. Narrow, feathery leaflets. Considered a miniature palm.
  • Christmas palms - Tall thin trunks, produces reddish fruit in later fall and winter.
  • Queen palms - Relatively short, thick trunk, glossy long fronds extend in a circular pattern.
  • Areca - Cane-like stems shoot from the ground in clusters. Often used for privacy.
  • Lady - Often described as "oriental" looking, multiple stems grow into umbrella-shaped fronds.
  • Bismarck - A medium-sized focal point palm, with wide fronds and a short, stocky trunk.
  • Sabal - One of the most recognizable native palms and can grow up to 20m in height with palmetto-like fronds.
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Call today to speak to our team or visit our beautiful nursery!

We're located conveniently in the Orlando, FL metro area! Call (407) 296-3042 today to learn more about our tree selection or to schedule a delivery (fees apply). We serve a large region in central Florida, including Orlando, The Villages, Clermont, and the surrounding areas in Orange, Polk, Volusia, and Osceola Counties.

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