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Mulch Calculator

Length of mulch bed, in feet.
Width of mulch bed, in feet.
How thick will the mulch be laid?

How to calculate mulch.

Length x Width = total sq. ft. of area

Total sq. ft. of area (divided) by how deep you want to apply

  • divide by: 160 = 2″ deep
  • divide by: 120 = 3″ deep
  • divide by: 80 = 4″ deep

Fact: 27 cubic feet = 1 Yard
Mulch is sold in 2 cu. ft. bags. 14 bags = 1 cu. Yard

Example: If the Calculator says you require 5 yards of mulch, you will need 70 (2 cubic ft.) bags.

5 (cu. yards) X 14 (bags per yard) = 70 total bags!

Red mulch laid in a new landscaping bed around a property located in The Villages, FL.

We offer high quality, bulk mulch and rock in Orlando, FL and surrounding areas.

Mulch and rocks are an attractive way to fill in planting beds, line walkways, and cover other areas where grass won’t grow. But its use stretches beyond looks!

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