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Red mulch laid in a new landscaping bed around a property located in The Villages, FL.

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Mulch & Rock Sales Serving Orlando, Winter Park, Windermere, Clermont, Winter Garden, & Central Florida

We sell mulch and rock by the bag, as well as in bulk, with pickup and delivery options.

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We are a bulk mulch & rock provider in central Florida, serving Orlando, The Villages, and the surrounding areas.

Our facility houses a large inventory of various ground cover choices for commercial and residential customers.

Mulch and rocks are an attractive way to fill in planting beds, line walkways, and cover other areas where grass won’t grow. But its use stretches beyond looks!

Our mulch is available for pickup or delivery by the bag/cubic yard. We serve a large area in the Orlando, FL region, including Orlando, The Villages, Clermont, and the nearby communities.

Mulch & Rock Installation Provides Erosion Control, Aids in Weed Prevention, Insulates Soil, & Retains Moisture

Our bulk mulch available for landscape companies to come to our nursery close to Orlando to pick up.

While mulch installation and rock installation does provide the look of order and organization—that isn’t its primary use. In fact, both products provide extremely valuable protection for your soil.

  • Weed Control - A layer of coverage can prevent the germination of many weeds. Sunlight is blocked, which helps discourage weed growth without the need for herbicides.
  • Erosion Control - During violent Florida thunderstorms, large amounts of water sweep over your soil which can strip away nutrients, and cause plants to suffer. Mulch and rock prevent soil erosion by securing most of the soil below while still allowing water to trickle through.
  • Soil Insulation - Extreme heat and cold can damage plants. Mulch and rock layers insulate the soil, keeping the temperature moderate throughout the year.
  • Moisture Retention - Water from rains and sprinkler systems trickle down through the layers and reach the root systems of plants. Sunlight is blocked, which prevents evaporation, and allows for better water retention.

Rocks & Mulch by the Bag or in Bulk Is Available for Pick-up or Delivery

At our facility, you can purchase mulch in 2 cubic ft bags or by the cubic yard. 
Don't need an entire cubic yard? Purchase it by the bag,13-14 bags of mulch equal approximately 1 cubic yard. 
Rock is sold by the ton or by the bag. Rock bags are bagged in-house and weigh approximately 40 to 50 pounds. 
We offer delivery for an additional fee and minimum amounts. Please see our office with any questions or call for delivery options to your area.

Bags of mulch and rock available for pick up at our nursery in Orlando, FL.

We Offer Many Mulch Varieties, Including Pine Bark, Chocolate Mulch, & More

We have several choices of mulch to meet your needs. Our choices include:

  • Pine Bark - Natural Pine bark. 1” - 2” pieces.
  • Chocolate Mulch - Rich brown color, shredded appearances.
  • Pine Straw - Natural pine straw, comes in bales
  • Red Decorative - Beautiful red color, shredded appearance.

We have many options available at our nursery when it comes to landscaping mulch and rock for your residential or commercial property.

We offer a Variety of Decorative Rock, Including River Rocks & More

Many customers prefer the earthy look of decorative rock to line their beds and other non-grassy areas. Our choices include:

  • River Rocks (brown) - Come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Can be used for rock gardens.
  • Lava Rocks - Variety of size, shape, and texture, come in an earthy brownish-red color

Mulch Calculator Helps Customers Plan for Installation

A few calculations are necessary when planning for mulch or rock installation. We have a simple formula to follow:

Length x Width = total sq. ft. of area (divided by) depth

  • divide by: 160 = 2″ deep
  • divide by: 120 = 3″ deep
  • divide by: 80 = 4″ deep

Fact: 27 cubic feet = 1 Yard

Mulch is sold in 2 cubic ft. bags. 14 bags = 1 cubic yard.

Example: If the Calculator says you require 5 yards of mulch, you will need 70 (2 cubic ft.) bags.

5 (cubic yards) X 14 (bags per yard) = 70 total bags!

Call or visit our nursery today to purchase rock & mulch for your home or business!

At Royal Landscape Nursery, we are in the business of providing quality products at competitive prices. Call (407) 296-3042 today to inquire about a mulch or rock order or for delivery questions. We serve a large part of central Florida, including Orlando, The Villages, Clermont, Winter Garden, Windermere, and the surrounding areas.

Mulch Calculator

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