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Concrete Pavers vs Natural Stone Pavers: Is it Worth The Money?

Concrete Pavers vs Natural Stone Pavers: Is it Worth The Money?

The Difference in Cost Between Concrete & Natural Stone Pavers

A property in Central Florida is never complete without an inviting and easy-to-maintain patio/walkway to enjoy the great weather. The question is, what type of material is best for your outdoor space?

Your choice will be the difference between enjoying your outdoors or stressing out with maintenance and repair. We certainly do not want to have a patio or walkway that is hard to maintain, or one that is unappealing nor unreliable for heavy use. To make it easier for you to decide, we are comparing concrete pavers vs natural stone pavers in the Orlando and The Villages areas.

Concrete & Natural Stone Pavers

Why concrete or natural stone pavers? Compared to solid concrete slabs that tend to crack in extreme weather, both concrete and natural stone pavers are great materials for patios, walkways, and driveways because of their durability and low maintenance.

Both can take extreme weather swings and can stand the test of time for decades to come. Even if a piece breaks, it will be easy and relatively inexpensive to replace just that piece.

Another common advantage of both pavers is that being built with individual pieces, such flooring can disperse or distribute the pressure during heavy use. This prevents the tendency to crack.

There are, however, other things to consider such as versatility, style, budget, and color. These are some aspects where we can see some differences...

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Will a Paver Patio Increase Your Home's Value?

Will a Paver Patio Increase Your Home's Value?

When you own a home in central Florida, you often need to make key decisions when it comes to improving your property or adding on new features. Some features may add to your home's value, while others could potentially detract from it. One feature that you may consider adding is a paver patio.

Learn if a paver patio can help increase your home's value in The Villages, Orlando, Clermont, and nearby areas of central Florida.

Larger patios may not recoup your total investment.

Large garden paver patio in The Villages, FL.

If you decide to create a large full outdoor living space, it is possible you will not see a full return on that investment. Larger patios that have extensive work done on them may only recoup about 50 percent of their initial investment, according to Remodeling magazine.

In southern states such as Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama, and Florida, you may see a slightly higher return on investment when you install a large patio area with all the bells and whistles such as an outdoor kitchen, custom fire pit, and more, but that's only because the warmer climate leads more people to spend time outside.

In other words, the scope of your project will directly affect the amount you may get back upon selling your home. Consider things such as:

  • The size of the patio
  • How many hardscape elements to include
  • Materials used to create the patio—pavers are a more economical choice than flagstone

A smaller patio will provide a higher return on...

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Why Your Home or Business Needs a Custom Paver Patio

Why Your Home or Business Needs a Custom Paver Patio

Adding custom hardscaping to your home, such as a custom paver patio, adds curb appeal, offers good ROI, and adds valuable outdoor living space. When you build an attractive and durable patio, it makes it easier to take advantage of the outdoor space. Choosing where to build your patio and what features to incorporate is just as important as choosing the materials to build it with.

Pavers are a great choice when building a custom patio. They are highly durable and low-maintenance material and offer myriad possibilities in terms of creativity. If you are in Orlando, The Villages, Clermont, and the surrounding central Florida areas, here are some reasons why your home or business needs a custom paver patio.

Paver Patios Are Extremely Durable & Slip-Resistant

This paver patio in The Villages, FL will provide years of enjoyment for the homeowner.

When compared to other patio materials, pavers are near the top of the durability scale. Pavers are sturdy and stable, can stand up to the wear and tear of weather without needing protection, and won’t succumb to heavy levels of foot traffic. Unlike many other materials, pavers don’t deteriorate and are incredibly strong and long-lasting.

A key benefit to pavers over other materials is their ability to expand and contract with varying weather and humidity levels. This is very important in our area of Florida, where we can reach unimaginable levels of humidity. Pavers are also slip-resistant, making them easier and safer to walk on when they get wet. If you have a pool or...

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